About Us


Welcome to Melody Makers.  Our goal is to bring Music {the Universal Language} to all ages.

We specialize in music sessions, performances and sing-a-longs in nursing homes and daycares.

We also offer piano and voice lessons, coaching and judging opportunities.

Melody Makers is part of Diana Leagh Matthews Ministries.

Leagh has been playing the piano since she was four years old.  She accompanied her minister father for fifteen years until his death.   She has become an accomplished vocalists in her own right for the past eighteen years.

Leagh lives in South Carolina and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education.

Diana Leagh Matthews
Diana Leagh Matthews

She has written, directed and produced church musicals, taught in local schools, led music in local churches and taught private lessons for the past sixteen years.  She is also available in an interim position or as a fill in for churches in need of a minister of music.

Please look around and get to know us better.  Feel free to contact us for more information.  You can also check out more information at Diana Leagh Matthews Ministries, where she shares more about her love of music with the story behind the hymn.  She also shares the story behind the song and music history at her blog SingingtheSonginMyHeart.

Thank you for visiting with us.  Blessings!